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There's no doubt that good food brings people together, and New Orleans soul food is arguably some the best out there. What if you could enjoy traditional New Orleans food while remaining in your hometown? Ms. Lisa's New Orleans Cuisine offers a variety of Southern-inspired options for you to enjoy in Providence, RI. Check out our Menu page to see our flavorful options. We also provide catering services.

How will you describe
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There's more than one way to describe our soul food. No matter what you say to describe it, we'll know what you mean.
Our most popular descriptions have been:

"Too good to be true"
"Straight fire"

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Comfort food on a brand-new level

If you want to experience authentic soul food, come and visit our restaurant. With seafood items that will make your mouth water, we can guarantee you'll be coming back for more soon. We believe that just because you live in the north doesn't mean you should have to live without the tasty options that New Orleans has to offer. Our traditional New Orleans food takes comfort food to a whole new level. Call 774-322-2090 to hear about our creole cuisine options. Be sure to ask about our discounts for college students, veterans or seniors.